About Tine van der Maas and Nelly van der Maas

Over the years there has been a lot of news coverage on the controversy between, on the one side our late Minister of Health Dr Manto Tshabalala-Msimang (South Africa) and her stance on natural remedies, like lemons and garlic, and on the other side, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), scientists, doctors, journalists and politicians who push relentlessly for Antiretroviral drugs  (ARV’s) (See: Background Info) and many other medications as the only solutions for ALL health problems, including AIDS.

We, not in the royal we, but  Nelly my mother, my best friend and partner in “crime” – and myself are the people being referred to as Dr Manto’s Quacks, the people behind The Wellness Program Dr Manto kept keeps referring to. One of the last times she stirred the pot was at the Toronto AIDS Conference, which was decorated with lemons, beetroots etc. and only a few pamphlets on ARVs.

It caused a lot of lamenting, teeth gnashing, bald heads (tearing out of hair), and people wanting to walk in sacks with ash on their heads … crying for these poor, lost people in South Africa. You did not have to cry for us then, but you can cry for us now!

Nearly 1 million patients are now registered on the ARV Program (but nobody knows how many patients are actually coming back every month – they are registered, but no follow-up register is kept).


“Quack” was one of  the “nicer” names they called us. Luckily we remembered the famous saying of King Solomon who had said not to answer the Fool to his utterances so as not to become a fool yourself. What we do mind and what hurts is that so many people are suffering and dying unnecessary from many diseases, that so many children are being orphaned, just because the Press and the Media keeps blocking this Wellness information out. Instead of doing their own investigation, instead of coming to see for themselves, they keep bashing, or worse, ignoring this Wellness Program.

You have to ask yourself the question: Why would any person in her right mind take the kind of abuse that the late Dr Manto and we have been taking over the last couple of years. The only answer I can give you is because we know the Program works … Nothing can convince us otherwise.

Cartoon Tine and Manto2
"I am not saying that adding banana and half a cup of prune juice will work, but you may be very suprised"

To prove that our Program works, we decided to go to the hills of rural KwaZulu-Natal, a province in South Africa, which they say is the epi-centre of AIDS in the world (1/3 of the population – depends who is counting), to make the documentary “Power to the People”. We treated about 400 patients officially – charts/photos/film – and another 2000 unofficially, “adopting” less sick family members, especially children, from initial patients. See: The documentary “Power to the People” in the Video section and our KwaZulu-Natal Newsletter we sent out halfway our stay.

Mountains and Hill surrounding the Inanda Dam
We stayed on the Peninsula!

We had hoped that this would be enough “walking evidence” for our critics – instead, it made them more vicious! If you google my name (specific search) “Tine van der Maas” you can read all the good things these dear people had to say about me, most never having spoken to me, all getting second and third hand information from the Presstitutes – the embedded Media. In the beginning I asked for the “Right of Reply”, which is a constitutional right, especially when plain lies are printed or said (I am not talking about biased writing), but this was mostly denied … so much for Freedom of Speech!


This whole experience was a big eye-opener for us as we were totally in the dark about the politics and money of health and disease. We thought after we knew that our Program worked, was affordable, available, and sustainable, that everybody would be happy. We expected our Program would go through an official Clinical Trial, it would be rolled out world wide, and we would go and save dolphins or something – our work being “finished” – that’s what we thought! Now I know that Health or Disease care is a Trillion dollar industy worldwide and they will not let two women undermine it with a simple Wellness Program which includes lemons garlic and olive oil etc. for so many different diseases (See: the Basic Wellness Program).



Looking back, we now count ourselves lucky that it had to be this way. Why? First of all, when we became unemployable, we had enough time on our hands to study extensively. We have learned soo many new, exciting things since making the documentary, which we are now able to apply and share with you amd many others.

Secondly, we realise that to stop the Madness, we have to do the Clinical Trials. This is not in reaction to the Treatment Action Campaign’s (TAC) Zachie Achmat and Mark Heywood, or from Francois Venter, head of the HIV Clinician Society, or from journalists and other HIV “experts” who screamed for clinical trials. In the case of the TAC, if they had really wanted this trialled, they could have funded this from their own R20 million+ a year “donations” – but that is a bit difficult if their money comes from dubious sources and their income would disappear. In any case, I have approached them many times over many years to try to work together, putting my own ego aside, but to no avail. The question was who to do these clinical trials with? Through another person we were introduced to world renowned scientists, who after studying our work, and looking at the evidence, want to do clinical trials on AIDS and other chronic diseases (including cancer) with us, as soon as we have found the money (See: Why Donate and Donate!). This would be a big nail in the Pharma coffin and will bring extremely affordable Health care not just to Africa, but to the whole world.


If you are in doubt about donating money towards these Clinical Trials, please do the following:

  1. First look at the Harsh Realities. The photographs are extremely “disturbing”, but this is what life is like, not just here but in many countries. For this reason I do not show any photographs on the first page, and issue a warning that you need a strong stomach just to look at them.
  2. Follow this by reading Why Clinical Trials. Here I outline the reasons why they should be done and what it will entail.
  3. Then look at Why Donate? You will see what we have already done, and why we are going this route of asking individual people. This is not to say we have stopped looking for one investor, and perhaps some of you have other good ideas or connections that can assist us.
  4. Next look at the Donation Page. Here you will also see the story of a little boy, who was given up to die in March 2008, and what happened to him. I have not put on any recent photographs of him, because he needs to grow up “normal”, but he is doing well.
  5. Lastly, at the moment I can not put a PayPal Button on as I do not have a credit card anymore – we lost that when we were “quacked” and became unemployable. If you feel strongly about donating, please take the trouble to go to the Bank and transfer your Donation.


This website is about information, because without knowledge, you have no power – hence the name of our documentary: “Power to the People”. Although the website is still under construction, over the next few weeks you will find health information on specific diseases, articles on a whole range of subjects from me and other writers, case studies of patients, my personal ramblings on my Blog: “Only in Africa” etc.


For those who are new to the whole “HIV/AIDS” Debate, go to Background Info. There you will find many interesting articles, but start with:

  1. How did we get to this sorry state of affairs? This is to explain the basic science you need to understand the Debate, the “mainstream” HIV/AIDS view and the “dissident” side
  2. You will also find articles written by other people, so you will have a good understanding of other things concerning Health, Disease, Drugs, Food, etc.

We started our journey in the world of AIDS, death and disease, but have landed on the road of Health and Wellness. Do not accept ill health or disease at any age as normal … it is not! This website is about Life and Hope. Please feel free to pass this information to any one that needs it.

Some of the health information is not going to be put on the website till it has gone through clinical trials for example the treatment for cataracts, glaucoma, reversing motor neuron disease – yes, you read right – and a few other diseases.

May the Spirit that is Love be with you and protect you

Tine and Nelly van der Maas


  • Are you a minister of the word or a doctor?We will be interested of the juice news in Zimbabwe.

    • Tine is a retired nurse and now practises as a nutrition and wellness consultant. The recipe is free online for you to start making the juice.

      • Ian


        What is the best way to get in touch with Tine. I have e-mailed and called a number of times, and just could not get the right response. She told me over the phone that she will reply my e-mails, but then I do not get response.

        Best regards.

  • jose wilson

    Dra. Tina.
    Sou brasileiro, diabetico com complicações nos e sem espectativa de vida.
    Vendo seu artigo (trazudido) uma luz iluminou meu coração. Peço a senhora uma receita específica que possa me dá um alento de vida, o que por aqui não encontro. Grato pela sua atenção.Meu e mail é wilson151989@yahoo.com.br

  • ashreen

    Sliping into deep depression. Can you please help me?

  • please sent me vidio.

  • Nico

    I do not think clinical trials will help.
    There are already tons of evidence of all sorts. All ‘archived’.

    What is needed is that more people wake up, ordinary people.
    Most effective is simple arguments that anyone can grasp.

    Such as the fact that since pharmacy is only 100 years old, how come humanity, and animals, have survived without them splendidly for a million years with relatively few diseases and no understanding of hygiene , while since they started promoting products that are patented there has been an explosion of diseases that has now reached insane levels, in spite of introduced hygiene??

    one cannot patent nature, therefore pharmaceutical products are by definition alien to nature and all that nature produces, including us!
    Their products do not belong in the human body that is by its very nature a self healing organism.
    Hippocrates said: ‘let your food be your medicine.
    Big pharma sais: ‘Quakery!’ , its dangerous, we have not approved it. You MUST use our exotic chemical formulas, they are very profitable .
    Errr..uhh, eh…yes for you of course.

    I am not a chemical product, I am nature.
    I do not trust chemical products, I trust nature. Nature is me.
    Who do you trust?

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  • Hey Ian please contact me during the interim. My office number is 081 4399 555. I may be able to assist or at least point you in the right direction as Tine’s Webmaster.

    • Ian

      Hi Ramon,

      What is the best time to call you.

      I believe there is some kind of miscommunication somewhere with Ms. Tine, and I have been patiently waiting for her e-mail reply since 2011.

      Best regards.

  • Mandie

    I have followed the wellness program. And i must say this is working. i am the healthiest woman on earth now. thank you Tino

  • Ladisoul

    Where can I get the wellness program as it is not on your website?

  • nina

    Spanish plis

  • As a former nurse, and eventually a PhD with over 2 decades of private practice in many natural therapies, my heart was broken to find my beloved South Africa, which I had always known to be a leading light in health care, was killing innocents so deliberately. I watched – screaming and helpless – as ‘our angel’ – my son in law Nathi – became a victim to this systematic killing even of South African ambassadors. He had spent almost a decade representing South Africa on the world’s stage as one by one his colleagues died – supposedly of HIV but we knew it was overwork, poor diet and lack of basic medicine. As a practitioner I had the answers and along with my daughter, his adored wife, he walked out of the hell hole called Ladysmith Provincial where black South Africans languish, suffer and die while wealthy fellow South Africans receive far better treatment and miraculously survive. He had TB – advanced – but was told he had HIV as TB treatment was not working – which we knew he did not. He walked out cured – yes, 100% free of illness (we have pathology reports to prove it) – the ‘leading HIV expert’ supposedly tending to his case admitted he had no idea what to do. In order for our angel to join his wife in Australia, he was forced onto a toxic cocktail – one which we have no way to prove the ingredients of – but we believe it to have been the antibiotic cocktail (he was AB resistant – surprise surprise) and ARVs. Within hours he was deathly ill. He found a way to get to Hillbrow hospital, where he was ignored – until 6 hours later he fell unconscious on the floor. He was lifted onto a gurney and pleaded for his life, with his brothers around him. He was dead – needing nothing more than an anti emetic and IV fluids/electrolytes. I questioned the doctor in attendance – she lied as she swore she gave him these basic treatments. His brothers stood in front of her – she didn’t even care – she had not given even the most basic palliative care. Why? Nathi knew what was going on. He had seen his colleagues killed and had long complained, as he had been an activist for so long. My daughter, in the months she had sat day after day at Provincial, saw 100% vaccinated dying and bleeding out in front of her, bereft of even the most basic care. Pleading for their lives. Those mental scars she can only cope with if she pretends it was a nightmare, that that time never happened. Now, multiply that by millions. THAT is the enormity of this lie.