What Makes a Quack?

Last year around World AIDS Day, the media discredited me in a very sneaky and very cleverly way. One of our local TV stations, E-TV, showed a program on Quacks. These people seemed to be real quacks, selling their concoctions for thousands of Rands, not wanting to show proof, not wanting to say what they were selling, than to dissappear into the night, only to surface again in another (part of) town. Low and behold in the middle of this program, who pops up on the screen: Photos and names of Dr M Rath and myself. They did not comment or say anything, but I found myself in the Company of some real quacks, thereby implying I was one too. Nobody had contacted me, asked my input or anything. Contrary to a quack, we have always answered any queastions asked by whoever, whatever they wanted to know, what we were giving our patients, (we had all the information on a website for everybody to access – which was closed down due to lack of funds), showed them the evidence, let them speak to patients if so desired, never asked for money (contrary to one so-called journalist Liz McGreggor in her ramblings … sorry, I can not call it a book – that would be insulting to books …  “Khabzela”, where she alleges that I made about R2 million), and never dissapeared into the night – in other words – very odd behaviour for so-called quacks. We have also financed all our own research, nobody helped us with that.

Recently (April 2010), Nathan Geffen from the TAC brought out a new book Debunking AIDS Denialsm in which Nelly and I again feature prominently. You would think that after so many years they would leave us alone, but we must be a real threat to the AIDS industry, the way they try to discredit us. When Nathan was interviewed on Radio 702, a local radio station here in South Africa, on the launch of his book, (and where he called me a dangerous quack), a caller questioned him on this, but was straight away cut of, with a comment of the Presenter that: “The age of Denialism was now over!” Now, like in December 2009 with the death of Dr Manto, my name was trashed all over again in Media.