Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is so easy and works for so many things, like AIDS. (We and 2 other people who I do nor want to name for the moment, have asked so far over 200 HIV+ people to go for an HIV re-testing Test after having been on our Program. They had all been diagnosed HIV+ before and are now testing HIV-, myself included. (I have tested twice HIV positive, twice HIV negative, and once indecisive!) That is “curing”, but we can’ be naughty to “cure” anything! In any case, this is the wrong expression as we don’t “cure” people of dis-eases but teach them to heal themselves.

We have helped thousands of people recover from arthritis, asthma, TB, MDR-TB, (and I am sure it would also work for XMDR-TB), diarrhoea, shingles, stomach ulcers, high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, epileptic fits, cataracts, yuppie flu, glandular fever, candida, all types of cancer (even the so-called “untreatable” cancers, all kinds of other Syndromes, and many other health problems – known or unknown to the medical world. All we are doing in this Program is detoxifying the body, getting rid of infections and inflammations, in the case of cancer assisting the body to break it down, and restoring the biochemistry of the body, so the body can heal itself. (See: Dis-eases. The ones with a link are up and running.)

This is done with simple ingredients like garlic, ginger, lemons, olive oil, beetroot, water, various supplements, herbs etc. and obviously an adjustment / change to diet, lifestyle and attitude what real healthcare entails – mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

This basic Wellness Program can be used when suffering from any (chronic) disease as it detoxifies the body and restores the biochemistry of the body, so the body has the tools to repair itself. It can also be used to maintain health and well being.

Key to the Wellness Program is the lemon and olive oil mixture, which detoxifies the body, assists the liver to function properly, and helps to get the ph of the body back to normal in the shortest of time. People who are not well have usually an acid body, which means the ph of the urine is below 7. For optimal health a healthy person’s ph should be between 7.1 and 7.3. When you have cancer, your ph should be 7.5 or above, as then any cancer stops growing, which gives you time to get rid of the cancer. You can buy urine strips to test your urine yourself in SA at Dischem or any good pharmacy.

To make 1 portion of the lemon / olive oil mixture:

  1. Soak the lemon for about 10 minutes in water with some vinegar added
  2. Cut the lemon in pieces and put it in the blender
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive oil and 1 cup of water
  4. Blend
  5. If you do not have a blender, soak the lemon as above, grate the lemon and put it in a container, and add the water and the Extra Virgin Olive oil
  6. So you are using the WHOLE lemon, the peel, the white, the flesh, the juice and the pips!

When you are sick, you drink 3 portions per day – which means 3 lemons, 3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 3 cups of water till you are completely symptom free. You can make for 5 days at a time – which means 15 lemons, 15 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and 15 cups of water. Keep the mixture in the fridge

Following are the other ingredients you need to take or what to avoid:


3 Tablespoons per day: 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, 1 in the evening


As above


2 large beets or 4 small beets

Brazil nuts

Eat 2 per day at least, 4 or more if you are sick

Pumpkin seeds

At least 1 tablespoon per day

Lemon / olive oil mixture

3 portions per day: 1 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, 1 in the evening


Make sure they are real vitamins, not chemical vitamins. In SA, a good one to use is the multivitamin from Foodstate available at Dischem and Health shops. In the rest of the world, Dr Mercola (USA), Jon Barron (USA), Take twice the recommended dosage when very sick

Fruit and vegetables

As much as you want, especially what is in season in your country


When ph is in the normal range, 1 soft boiled egg per day

Chicken or fish

Only when your ph is in the normal range, or if you have cancer, when your ph is above 7.5

Exercise, fresh air and sunshine

Do some fun exercise like dancing or brisk walking at least 4x per week. Keep your windows open, even at night when it is cold.

Spend at least ½ hour per day in the sun. If living in a climate where the sun “disappears” during winter, take at 1 tablespoon of Codliver oil per day


2 liters of water per day. For people with arthritis this is very important. As the acid leaves the joints, you don’t want this acid to form kidney stones


Herbal teas like Green tea or Rooibos tea

Brown rice

Only once ph is right

Do not have the following until your are symptom free:


No “normal” tea, no coffee (instant or bean), no alcohol, no juices (even the “natural” ones or the no sugar added ones), no frizzy or gassy drinks, no diet drinks, no milk or yoghurt or any other animal products


No sugar, no refined foods, no bread, no wheat products, no pasta, no flour, no potatoes, obviously no cakes etc., no diet products

Other food

No red meat till you are healthy, and than you can eat occasionally “green” meat (from cattle raised organically). Stay away from all processed meats including sausages, and also meat from pork like bacon and ham etc.

Artificial sweeteners

Do not use any of these. They were designed to kill ants, so if you want to get rid of your ants in your garden or house, just sprinkle artificial sweetener powder and the ants will die

Fried Food

Heating oil and frying food make the food and the oil toxic. Avoid especially when sick

This Basic Wellness Program works for most chronic diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, AIDS, Asthma, Epilepsy, stomach ulcers etc. It also helps you to loose weight easily, or in the case of AIDS and some cancer patients to pick up the weight – whatever is needed.

Some diseases need extra things either to do or to take:


If you really crave sugar, add Chromium (which is a supplement) for a month or so


Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of Hemp oil or Udo’s oil to your lemon / olive oil mixture every day


Do not forget to drink your 2 liters of water per day


Take extra ginger when you feel short of breath. It works as an anti-inflammatory! Do the following breathing exercise a couple of times per day: Breath out, till all is out (bending even over). Breath in on the count of 8, hold your breath for the count of 8, and breath out again, bending over. Singing songs where you have to use up your air is also a good way to do this exercise

NEVER stop your medication on your own – this is dangerous and stupid. Have yourself monitored every week by a doctor (or a registered nurse who is allowed to adjust your medication) for insulin, high blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication. You will need less medication as you stay on the program till all medication may be stopped. You can reduce medication like painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs yourself, but for example cortisone or steroids (often prescribed for arthritis and asthma are drugs you have to be weaned of, depending how long you have been on it. Although you will not need your asthma pump anymore, keep it with you till you know for sure you will not need it anymore. Don’t just throw it out when you have not used it for a week or two.

Once you are well, you can reduce everything to twice per day. Keep on monitoring your ph so it stays in the normal range, and than you can reduce everything to once per day. You will notice that when for example you have eaten many things you should normally avoid, like cakes, puddings and meat, your ph may drop and you may feel sluggish the next day. Just for one or two days take again 3 portions of everything, so you can get all the junk quickly out of your body. Do not see this as a diet but a lifestyle change. The saying “You are what you eat” is so true. You eat junk, you become diseased!

The Wellness program will bring your body back to balance. When you have eaten something that makes you feel nauseas, or causes you to vomit or have diarrhea just take 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal every 2 hours till it has stopped. You can also grind some burned wood or plain charcoal into a powder and take that.

We advise on many other diseases like Lupus, cancers, autism, strokes, heart, emphysema, etc. The basic Wellness Program is than still used but with other things added. You can e-mail me to find out what to add. If there is a big demand for this information, we may also put this on the website.

  • I am am really impressed with your program will it help multiple schleroses

    • Ashley

      This program will strengthen the immune system and will help remove many toxins/microbes from body, but for Multiple Sclerosis cure you will need Vitamin D therapy i.e. Hight doses of Vitamin D + Vitamin K2 + Vitamin B12 and my be Calcium along with. There is enough information on Multiple Sclerosis and Vitamin D in Internet. Search for “Multiple Sclerosis Vitamin D” in Google.

    • Gloria

      Tina, do you have to strain the mixture after blending/grating? How long does one have to take the mixture to achieve complete recovery?

      • Anne

        How long should that programme last before one is okey?

  • My question is how do you take the beets
    do you juice them with water or do you cook them?

    My 2nd question is can you tell me what is in the eye drops and the rub for the legs?

  • Tine will answer your questions shortly Rachyl. I reminded her of your comment.

  • Grant Rakow

    Can U send me the full diet plan to my E.mail please?

  • Rachyl Wynn-Bey Hawkins

    can u please tell I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO Skype her about my progress :)!

  • Abi Hawkins

    I’m not sure where other nuts (i.e. walnuts, almonds, sunflower, peanuts, etc.) and beans (i.e. lima, kidney, black eyed peas, black beans, etc.) fall within this wellness program. Can we eat them any time or do they fall under the category of “once your ph reaches the correct level of 7.+? Thank you so much in advance for your response. Your program sounds wonderful. I can see where it would work. Each of the ingredients has been specifically chosen to synergistically work together to cleanse. I pray your protocols go well. Great health should be available for all to have, not reserved for those with large wallets only.

  • Abi Hawkins

    I’m not sure where other nuts (i.e. walnuts, almonds, sunflower, peanuts, etc.) and beans (i.e. lima, kidney, black eyed peas, black beans, etc.) fall within this wellness program. Can we eat them any time or do they fall under the category of “once your ph reaches the correct level of 7.+?






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    • Thank you Ushan. We will include you in our monthly newsletter.

  • candida alert

    Hi, what would u recommend for candida in the body, mms or the wellness program? Also with the program can I just start with the mixture only?

  • Thalassa Veen

    Lieve Tine!
    Eeuwig geleden dat ik je mocht ontmoeten! Ik als dochter van Doewe en Jeannette! Heb je al vaker in mijn leven proberen te zoeken, gewoonweg om het lijntje wat ik ook met jou ervaar.
    Dit is weer een poging, zonder verwachtingen maar met een gezonde portie nieuwsgierigheid!
    Hoe dan ook; hartelijke groeten en veel liefs van Thalassa!

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    • lebo

      I dnt know why u keep on lying to us by wanting to get the money may God be with u and forgive u as we all are sinner stop this fraud u are the one kill hiv people cos they run to u hoping there is a cure u take their money and stress them may god be with u

  • Bongi

    Guys on these comments there is one from Nigeria with the phone number starting with +23. Don’t fall for it. They are all over the Internet and are a lie.

  • Thankyou so much for your programme, I am HIV + and I want to know how long i should go on taking this before i test positive

    • Hi Lydia you must be on the proramme for 3-6 months before you enter the final stage taking the MMS and go back to a hospital for a test to find out you are negative. Please contact Tine van der Maas directly on 081 573 5594. Her consultation fee is R250.

  • oby

    I just want to know what if you cannot get all things but the mixture, vegetables and fruits will it still work for HIV or it must be complete

  • bevellyn

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    I ve got little small sore in my hand what can I use to treat that

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    I just want to confirm if you still available, I need your help.


    • No, Tine is no longer available.

  • Ladisoul

    Hi. I sent an email and would like to know if I need to pay the consultation fee if I’m only inquiring about the dosage for someone who isn’t sickly and to use the program to increase my CD4 count.

    • Tine is no longer available for consultations. We will post an update on this website if her personal situation changes in 2016.

  • havefaith

    drink cilantro juice and take chlorella high dose everyday. that hiv will surely gone. i tried it. try have a deep reading about amalgam and mercury poisoning.. you will be amazed.. we live in world full of deceptions!