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Part 9 – Wounds and shingles treatment

  1. Shingles are caused by the Herpes virus, just like chickenpox, genital herpes, fever blisters on the lips and mouth (cold sores), blisters / lesions on the eye and Kaposi’s sarcoma or KS.
  2. It is an extremely painful condition, as the virus is playing around on your nerve endings of the affected area. You usually only get it in one side of the body, but I have seen it on both sides.
  3. You do get a warning signal: The area where it will “break out” will feel “cold”. When you do get that warning signal, mix the cream and apply thickly, go on the Basic Wellness Program, switch of your cell phone and go to bed for a day or two, so you can re-group yourself and get yourself balanced again.
  4. I have had shingles on the eye, the first time when I was 11 years old and my parents told me we were immigrating to Africa. It flared up another 12 times either when I was stressing emotionally or physically (two general anaesthetics within three days). I learned to “control” IT at age 28, and have not had an attack since.
  5. You usually get shingles when your body or mind is under stress, which causes your CD4 count to go down, making your immune system to work less effective.
  6. Your body can be out of balance for many reasons, but I have learned over the last few years that stress is one of the main causes. Cancer and “AIDS” (and its treatments) are obviously 2 other main causes – but also any other serious disease you are diagnosed with. The important question to ask is why did this person get cancer or AIDS? Because the body was out of balance!
  7. A Study has been done on the effects of an HIV+ “diagnosis” on the stress levels of a person. I think it said that even after a couple of years after being diagnosed, that person’s stress levels are 7 times higher than in the rest of the population. So the stress alone can or will kill the person. We say this person has an “AIDS Brain”! When they cough, they think it is pneumonia or TB, when they have a headache, they think it is meningitis, and always in the back of their minds is the thought: HIV – AIDS – Death!
  8. Although you may have read all the information on “HIV” and have decided that you agree there is a problem with this “HIV”, the fact is the day they “diagnosed” you with “HIV” and you were programmed in your subconscious mind that HIV causes AIDS causes Death. We think that we run on our conscious mind, but that is only 5% of our total mind. Our main program is running in the subconscious mind, where everything is stored – all our memories, our automatic reactions, our attitudes, our Belief Systems and our “programming”
  9. Your subconscious programming was reinforced when you may have had different ailments, saw films like Philadelphia with Tom Hanks slowly withering away, had friends or family who died of AIDS, or got “informed” by the Media.
  10. The same goes for Cancer patients! When a doctor tells a patient they have 6 months to live, they usually do die within 6 months because they have been programmed to do so.
  11. When a doctor diagnoses you with a serious disease like cancer, patients describe that everything around them went silent. It is in this silence that the programming takes place – all the “knowledge” you have of people dying of this disease are put firmly into your subconscious mind.
  12. To reprogram your subconscious mind, look at programs like EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that you can download free of charge from the internet, and start tapping. You have to go through all the layers of your emotions like an onion, to get to the core of your Belief System and then to change it.
  13. Another good tool to get from the internet is Ho’opopono. It is about forgiveness and letting go. Some people have so much anger stored inside their bodies, not just against people or the world, but even against God (or what you perceive God to be), that it literally is making them sick. I did this after we were attacked. I had to forgive the attackers, as I could not live with this rage inside of me. I have still some aggression in me, but I am already totally functionally. It works!
  14. Psych K is another very, very good method to reprogram your subconscious mind, but here you have to look for a practitioner to teach you.


Following is the recipe for the Basic Shingles Cream. It will work for chickenpox, shingles, cold sores and genital herpes. You will obviously want to make more, so just multiply it accordingly:

  1. Take 1 tablespoon of Aqua’s cream and put it in a glass jar. This is just a water based white, un-perfumed cream that you are going to use as a base
  2. Add 1 crushed Aspirin in the Aqua’s cream
  3. Add 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to the mix. It can be either fresh lemon juice or a “natural” one you buy in a bottle in the supermarket


  1. Apply the Shingles Cream thickly on the lesions with some cotton wool. Do not touch the lesions with your bare hands, as the fluid from the lesions is contagious and you can pass it on to other people
  2. Let it absorb properly through the skin, and apply again 2 hours later, and if necessary, another time 2 hours later. The pain should be gone by then.
  3. To prevent scarring, keep on applying the Cream twice daily till they are not visible any more
  4. Do not wear clothing that are made from synthetic material, but wear cotton instead. Old cotton T-shirts are nice to wear (even underneath your normal clothes), as they are already soft
  5. Do not eat peanuts or peanut butter or anything that contains peanuts. Peanuts trigger the herpes virus to become active
  6. Some people had a shingles outbreak, the lesions have healed, but the pain is still there. Apply the cream as above every two hours till the pain is gone. It will take a bit longer for the pain to go, as the cream has to be absorbed through the skin and not through open lesions
  7. Go on the Basic Wellness Program


  1. Obviously you can not put the Shingles Cream in your eyes, and the following may sound weird, but it really works – I can testify to this, and it is more known than you can imagine
  2. The first time I had herpes on my eye, I spent nearly 8 months in a dark room
  3. The best professors in Europe had no solution, and they were going to stitch up my eye
  4. When my grandfather heard the normal name “Shingles” instead of Herpes, he brought us 2 turtle doves (the light brown ones with the black ring around their necks). His grandmother was Jewish, and Jewish people are known to get Herpes on the eye. In the Old Testament, people often had to offer turtle doves, so they would be breeding with them at home. His grandmother also suffered from Herpes on the eye, but whenever she had them around her again, the Herpes would go away
  5. I received my turtledoves on a Monday. Because I was stiff bored (I had not been able to read, spending all that time in a dark room), I played with them, stroking and holding them. By Tuesday night my eye was itching like mad. On Friday I had an appointment with Professor Hagedoorn, and to his amazement the shingles were gone – only some scar tissue was left, and my eyes were still sensitive to light – the other eye without the shingles was also sensitive to light out of sympathy
  6. Somehow, the turtledoves take over the shingles, as their legs swelled up, and the one turtledove died. All the other 12 times, when it was in the beginning stage, we did not see their legs swelling up, and we would release the doves as soon as the shingles were gone
  7. I would always go to the eye specialist to make sure it was shingles, get turtledoves, and it would be gone within 5 days.
  8. Once, when my mother and I were at a Jewish eye specialist, he sighed but my mother told him not to worry as we knew what we needed to do. He asked what it was and we told him about the turtledoves. He was surprised to hear that we knew this, and we were surprised that he knew, but when we asked him if he told this to his patients, he said no, because first he was not allowed to do this according to the Eye Specialist’s Code of Practice, and secondly he was scared his patients would think he was crazy.
  9. Another time, when I felt the warning sign – the “cold” eye – I went in search of a pet shop with very dark sunglasses on my nose. When I found one, I asked the owner if he had turtledoves, but he was out of stock. I started to explain why I needed them, starting to take my sunglasses off, but he stopped me, and said he would make sure I would have my turtledoves by that afternoon, as he had supplied many shingles patients with turtledoves
  10. We have seen many other people recover from shingles on the eye with the help of the turtledoves.
  11. Obviously, you have to go on the Basic Wellness Program, because why did you get shingles in the first place
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