16 Health Benefits of Lemons: the Alkaline Powerfood

Fresh LemonsLemons are acidic to the taste, but are alkaline forming in the body. In fact they are one of the most alkaline forming foods; this makes them great for balancing a highly acidic condition in the body.

Lemons are a favorite all over the world and an essential food in kitchens around the world.
Learn how to use them properly in our Spring Cleanse.

We are living in a world today where lemonade is made from artificial flavors and furniture polish is made from real lemons.” Alfred E. Newman

16 Health Benefits of Lemons:

1. Lemons are alkalizing for the body: Lemons are acidic to begin with but they are alkaline forming on body fluids helping to restore balance to the body’s pH.

2. Lemons are rich in vitamin C and flavonoids that work against infections like colds and flues.

3. Your liver loves lemons: The lemon is a wonderful stimulant to the liver and is a dissolvent of uric acid and other poisons, liquefies the bile” says Back to Eden Mr. Kloss. Fresh lemon juice added to a large glass of water in the morning is a great liver detoxifier.

4. Cleans your bowels: Lemons increase peristalsis in the bowels helping to create a bowel movement thus eliminating waste and bonus to help with being regularity. Add the juice of one lemon to warm water and drink after you Drink your two to three cups of Water First Thing in the Morning .

5. Scurvy is treated by giving one to two ounces of lemon juice diluted with water every two to four hours. In 1747, a naval James Lind cured scurvy with fresh lemons. To this day, the British Navy requires ships to carry enough lemons so that every sailor can have one ounce of juice a day. This is where the English got their nickname Limeys. Pirates used to eat Lemons to save them from the dreaded scurvy! http://youtu.be/2HYUaLiNPxE

6. The citric acid in lemon juice helps to dissolve gallstones, calcium deposits, and kidney stones.

7. Vitamin C in lemons helps to neutralize free radicals linked to aging and most types of disease.

8. The lemon peel contains the potent phytonutrient tangeretin, which has been proven to be effective for brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease.

9. In India Ayurveda medicine values the lemon as a fruit and for its properties. It is sour, warm, promoter of gastric fire, light, good for vision, pungent and astringent.

10. It destroys intestinal worms.

11. When there is insufficient oxygen and difficulty in breathing such as when mountain climbing lemons are very helpful. The first man, Edmund Hillary to reach the top of Mt. Everest, said that his success on Mt. Everest was greatly due to lemons.

12. Lemons have powerful antibacterial properties; experiments have found the juice of lemons destroy the bacteria of malaria, cholera, diphtheria, typhoid and other deadly diseases.

13. Blood vessels are strengthened by the Vitamin P in lemon thus prevents internal haemorrhage. Also, making it useful in treating high blood pressure.

14. The symptoms of eye disorders, including diabetic retinopathy have been shown in research to improve due to the Rutin, found in lemons.

15. Lemons contain 22 anti-cancer compounds, including naturally occurring limonene; oil which slows or halts the growth of cancer tumors in animals and flavonol glycosides which stop cell division in cancer cells.

16. According to The Reams Biological Ionization Theory (RBTI), the lemon is the ONLY food in the world that is Anionic (it’s electron has a negative charge). All other foods are cationic (it’s outer electron has positive charge.) This makes it extremely useful to health as it is the interaction between anions and cations that ultimately provides all cell energy.

History, Trivia and Interesting Lemon Facts:

  • Fashionable ladies used lemon juice as a way to redden their lips during the European Renaissance.
  • The lemon is a small evergreen tree native to Asia.
  • The lemon originated in the Indus Valley; a lemon-shaped earring from 2500 BC by archaeologists.
  • Lemons have been in cultivation around the Mediterranean from as early as the first century A.D
  • Lemon trees produce fruit all year round. The trees can produce between 500 and 600 pounds of lemons in a year.
  • Once upon a time lemons were presented as gifts to kings because they were so rare.
  • California and Arizona produce 95% of the entire U.S. lemon crop.

Lemon Nutrition:

  • Lemons contain vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoids, B-complex vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and fiber.
  • Lemons contain more potassium than apple or grapes, which is beneficial to the heart.

source: Real Food for Life

New Course in Health and Healing


Natural Solutions Tine van der Maas logoWe frequently meet people who tell us that they have tried every conceivable form of “treatment” and method of healing, and they still are not getting better. In some cases, especially people who have cancer, they choose to die. We do not presume to have all the answers. On the contrary! We see ourselves as students, who learn by sharing with others what we already know.

It is very important to remember that although external agents are important, your greatest resource for healing is the activation of your body’s own healing system. This is an internal job that requires commitment, courage, persistence, patience, and willingness to acknowledge that together with your body, you also have a powerful mind and spirit.

If you or anybody that you know is currently afflicted with a dis-ease, and you or that person have been trying hard but still are not getting better, consider the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual obstacles that could be keeping you from regaining your health.

Some of the physical obstacles are:

  1. An unhealthy, unwholesome physical environment, including poor air, poor water, noise pollution, overcrowded surroundings, pollution such as chemical pollution, heavy metal pollution, microwave ovens, electro-magnetic pollution and toxic waste
  2. A poor diet
  3. The wrong supplementation
  4. Not enough water in your diet
  5. Poor hygiene
  6. Not enough exercise and movement, including stretching
  7. A lack of space and privacy
  8. Inadequate relaxation and sleep
  9. Poor breathing
  10. Not enough contact with nature
  11. An absence of a loving touch like hugs
  12. Living in a House, not a Home

There are many mental obstacles to healing as well like:

  1. Chronic mental tension, anxiety, fear or worry
  2. Not “enough” money or real poverty
  3. Lack of focus
  4. No time spent in reflection, contemplation or meditation
  5. Lack of gratitude for one’s life and good fortune, be they big or small
  6. Poor mental attitude including harbouring grudges, being cynical, having a pessimistic outlook
  7. Unresolved anger, hostility or resentment
  8. No sense of humour
  9. Excess attachment to people or things
  10. Too much focus on goals and not enough focus on the process of getting there
  11. Worrying about the future, lamenting the past, or not being in the present

The potential emotional and spiritual obstacles to healing are numerous and include”

  1. Self-punishment, self-blame, guilt shame
  2. Identification with the illness or problem – thinking of it as yours
  3. Self-destructive thought
  4. No love or joy in your life
  5. No sense of freedom in your life
  6. No support system, including family, friends, community
  7. No sense of purpose
  8. Lack of spirituality, universal wisdom and prayer
  9. Lack of meaning and fulfilment in life
  10. Hopelessness – Helplessness or living in The Victimhood
  11. A broken spirit

This course is called THE SHIFT for a specific reason. It is all about Shifting old believes, old habits, old patterns, old lifestyles, old programming, old perceptions, old emotions etc. and transform them to a place where healing can take place and your life will become an interesting and exciting journey.

As we will address the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of healing, the Course will:

  1. Include subjects like diet, supplements, herbs, relaxation and de-stressing techniques, basic anatomy and physiology, reflexology, energy healing, meditation, “dis-ease” solutions, imagery and visualization techniques, heartmath solution, introduction to other “alternative” healing modalities, massage etc.
  2. Will be offered every second week for 5 hours, (10 hours a month) on a day most agreeable to the participants for example on a Wednesday afternoon from 13h00 – 18h00 or a Saturday morning from 09h00 – 14h00
  3. Will include all the necessary learning material
  4. Will include homework like reading, watching DVDs etc.
  5. Will include projects that have to be done as this is a practical course
  6. Will include a medical Scan before we start and one at the end of the Course, so you can be your own project and your own experiment. The Medical Scan, not to be confused with an Energy scan, will give feedback on the chemical balance in your organs, inflammation levels, even including your stress levels and sleep quality etc.

This Course is for anybody. You could be a person who feels stuck and wants to make a Shift, or a Health Practitioner who wants to offer a better service to their clients, or a person who wants to take charge of their own health or that of their family. The only thing we ask for is a passion to learn.

For that reason we want to have a meeting with you before you enrol, so you will know if this Course is right for you. If you do decide to enrol, Course fees will be discussed, and an appointment scheduled for the 1s medical Scan. You can contact me at 081 573 5594 or at tinevandermaas@gmail.com

May the Spirit that is Love be with you and protect you

Australian scientists may have found ‘potential cure for Aids’

Australian scientists say they have made a breakthrough that could lead to a potential cure for AIDS, modifying a protein in HIV so it prevents against replication and instead protects against the infection.

by Paul Bleakley

A FORM of gene therapy developed by researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research may provide hope to sufferers of HIV, preventing the virus from crippling the immune system by manipulating its genetic structure and turning HIV into a weapon against itself.

Dr David Harrich has utilised a technique that alters the proteins that enable the HI virus to replicate throughout the body. By modifying the proteins that make up HIV into a mutated form, referred to as Nullbasic, Harrich’s research team have determined that it is possible to block the process of reverse transcription that allows HIV to damage the immune system. This would ultimately render the virus inert, preventing the condition of those infected with HIV from deteriorating further.

Harrich began studying the HIV virus in 1989 while completing his doctorate in experimental pathology at the University of California – Los Angeles. This project explored the issue of genetic expression and the replication of the HIV virus, a research concept he would continue to pursue after moving to Australia in 1997. The initial breakthrough in Harrich’s research occurred in 2007, with the discovery that Nullbasic had the ability to inhibit the spread of HIV.

Harrich told TheSouthAfrican.com, “With money running out, I had my PhD student try one more experiment in late 2007. The experiment was to test if Nullbasic could render HIV non-infectious. The student came back and said it worked, so I told him to do it again and again and again. It works every time.”

“So the project was back on and we received funding from the Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Research and that study showed very clearly that it could protect human cells from HIV infection. Subsequently we have protected primary human CD lymphocytes from blood from HIV infection using a gene therapy approach with outstanding results.”

As a researcher with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Harrich works with a variety of infectious diseases including human respiratory virus and the Hendra strain of equine influenza. The results of his research regarding HIV may have significant impacts on the study of virology and provide critical insights into preventing the rampant spread of communicable diseases.

Harrich’s gene therapy process involves adding a specifically designed HIV therapy agent to a culture of stem cells that causes these cells to become HIV resistant. These mutated stem cells would then be returned to the body with the ability to thwart the HIV virus’s attempts to alter the patient’s RNA structure through reverse transcription.

Harrich believes that preventing the exponential replication of the HIV virus would ultimately prevent an infected individual from experiencing any of the symptoms associated with the disease. He said, “(That) requires some hand waving at this point; but my belief is that protecting immune cells from succumbing to the deleterious effects of infection will result in a much better, functional immune system to combat opportunistic infections. That is the goal and what we need to test.”

Harrich claims that stem cell research has made a considerable impact on the study of virology and that if this type of research was unavailable it would severely limit the ability of scientists to effectively combat disease like HIV.

He said, “The stem cells revolution has had a huge impact on this project. I’m not sure we would have continued if it was not possible to restore an entire immune system with stem cells. I am very excited about this possibility.”

Harrich’s team will begin testing the effects of Nullbasic on HIV-positive mice in 2013 in order to determine the impact of the mutated protein on subjects at varying stages of infection. If the results of this research are positive it is possible that a clinical trial may be conducted within the next ten years.

source: TheSouthAfrica.com

SA has lost 4.4m people to Aids – survey

As it is, South Africans are struggling with poverty and unemployment. In many rural areas clean drinking water is a important factor in their related health problems. Anyway this is an example of how the brainwashing continues…

Johannesburg – There would be more than 4.4 million more people in South Africa if it were not for the Aids pandemic, according to a survey released on Monday.

“Currently, there are 50.6m people in the country. In the absence of Aids, this would have been 55m,” said the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR).

“The data shows that 31% of all deaths in 2011 were Aids-related. By 2015, this proportion will have risen to 33%. In 2025, there will be 121% more Aids deaths than there were in 2000,” it said.

SAIRR said and estimated six million people would be living with HIV/Aids in 2015, double the number recorded in 2000.

Researcher Thuthukani Ndebele said HIV/Aids had resulted in a significantly slower population growth rate.

“Not only does HIV/Aids reduce life expectancy and increase mortality, but it is largely responsible for wider social ills such as orphanhood and child-headed households,” he said.

The survey is based on data sourced from the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Institute for Futures Research.

According to the data the HIV prevalence rate is higher among young African adults, resulting in fewer people in this group reaching old age.

source: News24 / SAPA

Free Energy


Running stomach question answered

Question from a Reader

I have a running stomach and has not been better since morning. Let me tell you what l did. I have been drinking Umlingo for quite a while and having a great diet. Yesterday l ate chicken with cheese. Then l got sick. The diet really works. If you could try it yourself. Be a vegetarian, and live healthily ever after.

Tine van der Maas Responds

Whenever you have a runny stomach, always take charcoal or grounded burned wood. People for many ages have used this remedy for diarrhoea, nausea and vomiting. Charcoal absorbs the rubbish – whatever it is, be it an overdose a drug overdose, food poisoning or bad bacteria. Please try 2 tablespoons every 2 hours till the diarrhoea has stopped – the longest it took us to stop diarrhoea was 8 hours. Charcoal does not work for Chrohbs disease – I will write about this some other time.

Submit your questions through our contact page and we’ll gladly answer them.

Vaccine Zombie music video from the Health Ranger

It is your choice, but at least make it an informed one! It is the least you can do for your own health and your loved ones. There are many websites that give straight forward information. Also go to the page of Dr Andrew Wakefield and see what happens when you go against what they call “medical science”, but you actually are taking on the Pharmaceutical Companies where it hurts – their money!

Vaccine Zombie music video from the Health Ranger