Health Coaching

Welcome to Tine Van Dee Maas – Your Partner in Health Transformation!

At Tine Van Dee Maas, our mission is to guide you on your journey to optimal well-being. If you find yourself facing health challenges, allow us the privilege of assisting you on the path to recovery. Our private health coaching services are designed to provide personalized support tailored to your unique needs.

Services Offered:

  1. Initial Consultation (up to 1 hour):
  • Cost: R380 (excluding products and supplements)
  • During this comprehensive session, we delve into your health history, concerns, and goals, crafting a personalized roadmap for your well-being.
  1. Follow-up Consultation (up to 30 mins):
  • Cost: R250
  • Stay on track with shorter follow-up sessions, ensuring continuous support and adjustments to your wellness plan.
  1. Coaching Sessions Location:
  • Conveniently located at my home in Midrand, our sessions provide a comfortable and supportive environment for your health journey.

Pro-Bono and Exchange Work:

  • In our commitment to community well-being, we allocate a certain amount of time to pro-bono or exchange work for the unemployed. If financial constraints are a genuine concern, feel free to inquire about these opportunities.

Employee Wellness Programs:

  • For businesses seeking to invest in the health and productivity of their workforce, we offer tailored wellness programs. These initiatives aim to significantly reduce sick days, enhance employee well-being, and cut down on medical insurance costs.

Invest in Your Well-being:

  • Your health is an invaluable asset. Our services are an investment in your well-being, helping you achieve lasting and positive transformations.

Ready to embark on your health journey with Tine Van Dee Maas? Schedule your initial consultation today, and let’s work together towards a healthier, happier you.