Power to the People Part 1: Introduction

The reason we made the following documentary Power to the People was that the Media misrepresented us and called us all kinds of names – Quacks being one of the nicest ones. We decided to put it all on film with a view of getting it on Television, so people could see it with their own eyes and judge the results for themselves. We went to the hills of KwaZulu-Natal, the epicentre of AIDS in the world, in an area where there was hardly any electricity or tap water. We thought if we can prove that our Wellness Program works there, it will work anywhere!

Power to the People Part 2: The “Old” Sangoma

This lady was one of our first patients. She had an unknown disease and was dying. In KZN people already prepare the grave when the person is still alive but dying, and her grave was ready.

Power to the People Part 3: Kicked out of the local clinic

As usual, the medical establishment did not want us there, so we were not allowed to work from the local clinic. Luckily the king Nkosi Bhengu assisted us to carry on with our work.

Power to the People Part 4: Immune Deficiency Syndrome or IDS

What is AIDS? A good question which still has not been answered. It is time to get these answers!

Power to the People Part 5: A Brother and a Sister

Both the brother and the sister had AIDS. The sister went on our Wellness Program and to this day (June 2009) is well. The brother did not want to be on our Program – he died a short while after we left KZN.

Power to the People Part 6: Organic Vegetable Gardens

It is extremely important to get back to basics and grow organic fruit and vegetables. Hunger in the world is totally unnecessary, but food should not only be about filling our stomachs, but it should keep us healthy and fit till a very ripe old age. Soil preparation is absolutely essential, so whatever we grow, is packed with nutrients.

Power to the People Part 7: Unable to walk for 5 years

This lady had spend 5 years in this little room, unable to walk, go to the toilet, have a shower/bath/wash – what we take for normal, just because she had high Blood Pressure and Sugar and swollen legs. She also had lost about 80% of her sight because of the Sugar. All this suffering is totally unneccessary, but how many people are not in “jail” – locked up in their own homes because they have no access to this information

Power to the People Part 8: The “Sugar Talks”

We held many, many so-called Sugar Talks which are actually practical Health Talks – what can you do to regain your health and keep it, on a very, very limited budget. Not all our (anti) Sugar Talks went down well. Watch the one lady in the top right corner with a bandage round her leg. She already had a leg ulcer for many years, caused by sugar, and still she did not want to hear our message as she than would have to give up the sugar. Sugar is as addictive as heroin

Power to the People Part 9: Shingles and “untreatable” wounds

Many people suffer from shingles and it is very easy and very cheap to get rid off. The remedy is on the video clip, and for those not in South Africa, Disprin is just Aspirin. We also helped many people with various wounds and sores – some of them were so-called untreatable – were the only solution was amputation

Power to the People Part 10: Girl with shingles and AIDS

This girl was ready to die, and her family expected her to die. She had Multiple Drug Resistant TB, shingles, etc. and had been unable to walk for some weeks. These people present a challenge, as dying is sometimes “easier” than “living”.

Power to the People Part 11: Traditional Healers Meeting

Unlike the Medical Establishment, Traditional Healers and Sangomas are very interested in our work. We are more than happy to share our information with them and to learn from them

Power to the People Part 12: Girl with AIDS

This girl was already sick for a couple of years. Still she was reluctant to give up her very unhealthy lifestyle. We can work with people but will not drag them along, so when she was still drinking and eating what she could not have, we walked out. I did go back to her a few days later, as she was still young, and perhaps had time to think about it, as all the other things had not worked. I am so glad I did!

Power to the People Part 13: Thandi with an “untreatable” fungus

We noticed that many people stuck at home, had had amputations. We found it strange that there were so many, till we found out that all these people had a tropical fungus, and when it gets to the top of the leg, they just amputate. This fungus is not only present in KZN South Africa, but in all countries with a tropical climate. We could prevent a lot of misery if we can get this information out.

Power to the People Part 14: Gentleman with Astma, TB and AIDS

This gentleman tried not to sleep as he was dead scared he would die because he could hardly breath. He even astounded us by the rate of his recovery

Power to the People Part 15: Asthma

Asthma is a worldwide problem and on the increase. Millions of dollars are spent on drugs that are not effective and are actually harmful. However, when you would go on our Wellness Program, reduce your medication slowly only after you have not had an attack for a while. Keep your pump with you for a while, and always carry a piece of ginger with you.

Power to the People Part 16: Epilepsy

Since 2000 we have helped many people who were taking the heaviest medications for epilepsy and were still having many fits a day. Even the “brain damage” some of them got from the fits is reverseble.

Power to the People Part 17: Five minutes before 12 o’clock

This gentleman’s time was running out fast, but miracles do happen

Power to the People Part 18: The media blocking our information

Even when people had testified themselves, and the media was shown how the people were before, they still ignored it. What do you have to do to open their eyes?

Power to the People Part 19: Cataracts

Without operations, we can get cataracts away. To get it accepted, we need to put this through clinical trials – See the section on Donations

Power to the People Part 20: Arthritis

We recently had a lady that was pain free in 3 days – the fastest yet. The lady in the video was so used to walking with her stick, that she forgot not to use it. She had to laugh when she realized that she was still carrying it with her, and gave us a demonstration that she really did not need it anymore

Power to the People Part 21: Isiah

Just some photos of somebody before and after can already help people to change from an attitude of Hopeless/Helpless to one of “Yes I can!”

Power to the People Part 22: ARV’s and other chemicals/toxins

In a South African Hospital they actually keep records and statistics on people taking ARVs. From those who return every month (many don’t), 18% of those are dead within 6 months. Any other drug would have been withdrawn, but ARVs are the untouchables. This girl had a stroke as a side effect from the ARVs and still they told her to take them. How do those people sleep at night!

Power to the People Part 23: Thanking our volunteers

We needed people to help us with the amount of patients and often to translate for us. These were all wonderful young people, who offered their services free of charge, because we had either helped them, or their family members and they wanted to give back.

Power to the People Part 24: Nkosi Bhengu’s speech

Nkosi Bhengu was recently (May 2009) elected as chairman of the House of Traditional Leaders. He supported us totally and without his help, this project may have failed. His speech is powerful and we saw it as a fitting closure for our documentary