Australian scientists may have found ‘potential cure for Aids’

Australian scientists say they have made a breakthrough that could lead to a potential cure for AIDS, modifying a protein in HIV so it prevents against replication and instead protects against the infection.

by Paul Bleakley

A FORM of gene therapy developed by researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research may provide hope to sufferers of HIV, preventing the virus from crippling the immune system by manipulating its genetic structure and turning HIV into a weapon against itself.

Dr David Harrich has utilised a technique that alters the proteins that enable the HI virus to replicate throughout the body. By modifying the proteins that make up HIV into a mutated form, referred to as Nullbasic, Harrich’s research team have determined that it is possible to block the process of reverse transcription that allows HIV to damage the immune system. This would ultimately render the virus inert, preventing the condition of those infected with HIV from deteriorating further.

Harrich began studying the HIV virus in 1989 while completing his doctorate in experimental pathology at the University of California – Los Angeles. This project explored the issue of genetic expression and the replication of the HIV virus, a research concept he would continue to pursue after moving to Australia in 1997. The initial breakthrough in Harrich’s research occurred in 2007, with the discovery that Nullbasic had the ability to inhibit the spread of HIV.

Harrich told, “With money running out, I had my PhD student try one more experiment in late 2007. The experiment was to test if Nullbasic could render HIV non-infectious. The student came back and said it worked, so I told him to do it again and again and again. It works every time.”

“So the project was back on and we received funding from the Australian Centre for HIV and Hepatitis Research and that study showed very clearly that it could protect human cells from HIV infection. Subsequently we have protected primary human CD lymphocytes from blood from HIV infection using a gene therapy approach with outstanding results.”

As a researcher with the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Harrich works with a variety of infectious diseases including human respiratory virus and the Hendra strain of equine influenza. The results of his research regarding HIV may have significant impacts on the study of virology and provide critical insights into preventing the rampant spread of communicable diseases.

Harrich’s gene therapy process involves adding a specifically designed HIV therapy agent to a culture of stem cells that causes these cells to become HIV resistant. These mutated stem cells would then be returned to the body with the ability to thwart the HIV virus’s attempts to alter the patient’s RNA structure through reverse transcription.

Harrich believes that preventing the exponential replication of the HIV virus would ultimately prevent an infected individual from experiencing any of the symptoms associated with the disease. He said, “(That) requires some hand waving at this point; but my belief is that protecting immune cells from succumbing to the deleterious effects of infection will result in a much better, functional immune system to combat opportunistic infections. That is the goal and what we need to test.”

Harrich claims that stem cell research has made a considerable impact on the study of virology and that if this type of research was unavailable it would severely limit the ability of scientists to effectively combat disease like HIV.

He said, “The stem cells revolution has had a huge impact on this project. I’m not sure we would have continued if it was not possible to restore an entire immune system with stem cells. I am very excited about this possibility.”

Harrich’s team will begin testing the effects of Nullbasic on HIV-positive mice in 2013 in order to determine the impact of the mutated protein on subjects at varying stages of infection. If the results of this research are positive it is possible that a clinical trial may be conducted within the next ten years.


SA has lost 4.4m people to Aids – survey

As it is, South Africans are struggling with poverty and unemployment. In many rural areas clean drinking water is a important factor in their related health problems. Anyway this is an example of how the brainwashing continues…

Johannesburg – There would be more than 4.4 million more people in South Africa if it were not for the Aids pandemic, according to a survey released on Monday.

“Currently, there are 50.6m people in the country. In the absence of Aids, this would have been 55m,” said the SA Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR).

“The data shows that 31% of all deaths in 2011 were Aids-related. By 2015, this proportion will have risen to 33%. In 2025, there will be 121% more Aids deaths than there were in 2000,” it said.

SAIRR said and estimated six million people would be living with HIV/Aids in 2015, double the number recorded in 2000.

Researcher Thuthukani Ndebele said HIV/Aids had resulted in a significantly slower population growth rate.

“Not only does HIV/Aids reduce life expectancy and increase mortality, but it is largely responsible for wider social ills such as orphanhood and child-headed households,” he said.

The survey is based on data sourced from the Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Institute for Futures Research.

According to the data the HIV prevalence rate is higher among young African adults, resulting in fewer people in this group reaching old age.

source: News24 / SAPA

What’s wrong with our food?

Tine van der Maas nutrition expert JohannesburgSome people can get away with just a multivitamin, others need more, it depends where they are. We did tests on people’s homocysteine level and in all cases they were raised. The only way to get them down quickly is with a Vitamin B complex. When we started 20 years ago you may have done it with food alone, but the food these days is so depleted it is not funny … Last year January (3rd) somebody brought us grapes – and half of them are still green coloured – they are now deteriorating faster – but this is after 1 year and 4 months. Apples lasted for more than 8 months, carrots 3 years – so what are we eating. In the old days I would say eat 2 – 3 carrots a day to get enough beta-carotene … now you know it is just empty!

The African Potato helps a lot – it is the sterols and sterolins that are essential. Most people with AIDS (as it is currently defined) are hypo-cholesterol (the reason for this is a long story on its own) and the sterols and sterolins help to get that back in balance. When people have already the “shoe-pollish effect”, – meaning their skin is turning darker in their faces and bodies, they need extra vitamins – you can do it only with multivitamins but than you have to take a lot more. We did that with the people in our documentary – instead of 1 bottle of African Solution per month, they would get about 6 – 8 bottles for the 1st month. In the bottle were things like citricidal, oleuropane (olive leaf extract), multivitamins, African Potato etc. We have a formula for the ideal mixture to supply people with, but do not have the money to produce it – so now you have to buy all
the different ingredients separately and pay a lot more.

At the end of the day we have to get our food growing done properly!!!

We can’t just plant things – even organically if the soil is not well prepared. However, we can do this simultaniously. Start planting – even in poorer soil so at least you can start eating things that have not been sprayed by poisons. In the mean time start a compost heap, a worm farm – whatever works for you and start enriching the soil. Countries in Northern Africa with a lot of Selenium in the soil hardly have any AIDS patients – something like 0.05% of total population which is nothing, while their neighbours have 30+%. Are these people from one country having different sex than their neighbours? I don’t think so!

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Review of Debunking Delusions in Sunday Independent

Review of Debunking Delusions in Sunday Independent.

World AIDS scam day

Let us celebrate the apparent worldwide triumph of the lie! All dissidents have been silenced, at least cut off from any meaningful interaction with larger society. The late but almost complete triumph of “big brother” a la George Orwell. And those that know better shut up as they know the consequences of airing dissident views.

Read my friend Georg’s full article on AIDS scam day.