Miracle Mineral Supplement or MMS


First I want to thank Jim Humble, who took it from no-where to where it is slowly becoming “mainstream” today, and who has done an amazing amount of research on MMS. He has devoted many of his years showing people all over the world, but especially in Africa, how and why MMS works.

You can read his book on his website:

In short, he experimented for years and eventually found that if you mixed the drops with lemon juice, it became activated to kill malaria. He then traveled all over Africa to show doctors and government officials how fast MMS worked to kill the Malaria parasites in an extremely affordable way. I can testify that it works extremely well against Malaria. When I received my first bottle of MMS a few years ago, (I obviously first read Jim Humble’s book), I went to a malaria area in South Africa and asked 2 people at a hospital who had been diagnosed with malaria if they were prepared to try the MMS. They had all the symptoms like high fever, shaking and drowsiness. Using Jim Humble’s Protocol, within about five and a half hours, the symptoms were gone, and when a blood test was done the next morning (about 14 hours later), the blood was parasite free.

Did the doctors ask me what I had used? NO! Did they want to know? NO! Are people still suffering and dying from Malaria unnecessary while there is an extremely affordable remedy available? Yes!

I have since tried it for many different diseases including AIDS, all types of cancers, all types of infections, and when the “swine” flu was here, it also worked beautifully. When we will do our Clinical Trials, we will invite Jim Humble to visit us, so he can enjoy the fruit of his work.

Unfortunately, many people are misusing his knowledge and are selling the MMS for exorbitant prices, while it was his gift to the world to make it affordable for everybody anywhere. He put the recipe on the internet, but now Companies and Health stores are selling a bottle of MMS for even R285 (about $55 or 35 Euros), even having the cheek to put on the label that it was made according to Jim Humble’s recipe. Please, if you can, confront those manufactures and tell them they are crooks and rip-off artists. A bottle of MMS costs about R10 ($1,4 or 1 Euro), including the label and the bottle. To make some money for your trouble etc. is totally ok, but to rip the people that need it of to that extent is criminal! On top of that, they do not send any money from their profits to Jim Humble, who is living on the borderline of poverty. Shame on you!!! Dischem, you are one such Company. I will name and shame you. If anybody wants to add other Company’s names, please forward them to me.

3. MMS or Miracle Mineral Supplement

  1. I have tried many different protocols, and I use different ones for different problems
  2. Whether it is a bacteria, virus or cancer, the MMS goes after everything in your body that is acid, but which does not belong in your body. So stomach acid is very acid, but the MMS won’t go for it, because it belongs in the body. Candida, bacteria, viruses or cancer are acid and do not belong in the body, so it will be targeted by the MMS.
  3. In case of cancer or Candida, you need to have started the Basic Wellness Program for at least 1 or 2 days, so your body is already detoxing before you start with the MMS. The MMS is very powerful, but if you can not get the broken down rubbish out of your body, it will just keep circulating and being re-absorbed.
  4. To save money, you do not have to buy the activator but just use lemon juice to mix it in.
  5. How to take it:
    • Never take it on an empty stomach; it will make you nauseous, especially when you get to 5 drops and more.
    • Never take it with your Vitamin C complex or your multivitamin (which also contains vitamin C. So you take the MMS with the garlic, and your Probiotics with your vitamins (if you are on the Basic Wellness Program). Keep them 2 hours apart from each other, otherwise they neutralize each other
    • Always keep your MMS in a dark place and when you use it, get everything ready, than uncap the bottle, put your drop(s) in and put straight away the cap back on. MMS oxidizes very quickly and it will lose its power
    • The ratio of MMS and activator (or lemon juice) is 1:5, so for every 1 drop of MMS you mix it in 5 drops of activator / lemon juice (act/lem)
    • To mix 1 drop, put 5 drops of a/l in a small cup, add 1 drop of MMS and let it stand for 3 minutes. Add some water, and drink. As you add more MMS, the taste becomes foul, so have something ready to put afterwards in your mouth to get rid of the taste – but nothing that has vitamin C
    • So 2 drops of MMS go into 10 drops of a/l etc
    • Again, in the case of cancer or AIDS, if you do feel the effects of the MMS, like feeling very tired, aches and pain, you have to slow down as than there is a lot breaking down. For example if you feel tired and terrible on Day 4 with 2 drops of MMS 2x per day, the next day do not increase the MMS, but go back to Day 3 or stay on Day 4. When you feel better, even if you stay for 3 days on Day 3 or Day 4, (that is ok, because than your body can handle the amount it is breaking down and getting rid of), you proceed to the next Day, etc. It may take you many more days before you reach 8 drops twice a day.
    • If by accident you put more drops in then what the Protocol indicates, throw it away and start again. MMS is extremely powerful!
    • Do not go beyond the 8 drops twice a day – it is not necessary!
    • Please check which Protocol is suitable for your condition!

Morning Evening
Day 1 1 drop MMS : 5 drops act/lem nothing
Day 2 1 drop MMS : 5 drops act/lem 1 drop MMS : 5 drops act/lem
Day 3 2 drops MMS: 10 drops act/lem 1 drop MMS : 5 drops act/lem
Day 4 2 drops MMS: 10 drops atc/lem 2 drops MMS: 10 drops act/lem
Day 5 3 drops MMS: 15 drops act/lem 2 drops MMS: 10 drops act/lem
Day 6 3 drops MMS: 15 drops act/lem 3 drops MMS: 15 drops act/lem
Day 7 4 drops MMS: 20 drops act/lem 3 drops MMS: 15 drops act/lem
Day 8 4 drops MMS: 20 drops act/lem 4 drops MMS: 20 drops act/lem
Day 9 5 drops MMS: 25 drops act/lem 4 drops MMS: 20 drops act/lem
Day 10 5 drops MMS: 25 drops act/lem 5 drops MMS: 25 drops act/lem
Day 11 6 drops MMS: 30 drops act/lem 5 drops MMS: 25 drops act/lem
Day 12 6 drops MMS: 30 drops act/lem 6 drops MMS: 30 drops act/lem
Day 13 7 drops MMS: 35 drops act/lem 6 drops MMS: 30 drops act/lem
Day 14 7 drops MMS: 35 drops act/lem 7 drops MMS: 35 drops act/lem
Day 15 8 drops MMS: 40 drops act/lem 7 drops MMS: 35 drops act/lem
Day 16 8 drops MMS: 40 drops act/lem 8 drops MMS: 35 drops act lem

For any infections like Flu, toothache, pussy wounds etc.

When the infection starts 4 hours later
Day 1 15 drops MMS : 75 drops act/lem 15 drops MMS : 75 drops act/lem
When necessary, just keep on taking it every 4 hours, till the infection is gone
  • where can i get mms here in south africa

    • You can get it from Tine van der Maas, contact her on her cellphone 081 573 5594 to place an order.

      • amy

        How long will it take for the meds to be delivered to me? I’m in johannesburg

        • Hi. I am Pretoria.
          How much is mms?
          Where are found?


      • pat

        Hi I am South Australia I have a very sick son Ghana I cant get MMS and HCL %
        from here it to far and told cant send it so where are about are you there can I order both of them from we going in 2 weeks but I am so concerned he die Malaria before we get there or I give his teacher number so he can ring you so how long will take get there need it like tomorrow the are given out date US drugs can please get back as soon as possible

  • Hi there my name is Nana staying in Durban.I would like to know how to get MMS here or do you know the suppliers that are closer to Durban?Do you sell MMS in tablet form if you do how is one bottle. Kindly supply me with what d need to do to order in your company.
    Thank you
    Yours faithfully

  • Stephen

    Hi there. I’m in Randburg and would like to know where I can buy this “juice” Thanks

    • Hey Stephen you may contact Tine van der Maas on 081 573 5594 to order the juice. Please negotiate with her how much you want and price it per liter.

  • Busisiwe

    How do i get started with mms.How do I remove dirt in my body before I start with mms.How do I give it to my 2.5 year old daughter who is struggling to walk

  • Eling

    Hi i am in windhoek Namibia and i have read about this mms doing wonders id like to know if its obtainable here too?

  • Maureen

    Dit is presies hoe die hele mediese wereld is! ‘n Geldmaak mafia en hulle voel vere vir hul medemens se gesondheid. Indien hulle nie baie geld uit ‘n produk kan maak nie, of as dit positiewe resultate lewer, word dit as ‘n scam afgemaak, want dit pas nie by hul sakke nie. Die gif wat hulle in die mense prop en hul sakke volmaak se newe effekte gaan ongesiens verby en hul “begrawe” hul foute!!

  • estelle gouws

    I live in KZN midlands & I suffer from chronic epstein barr. I am keen to try mms as I know someone who has experienced positive results. I would like to purchase mms from you. Could u let me know the price & how i can obtain mms.

  • Kgomotso

    how can i get the miracle supplement. iam staying in pretoria. 0837482550

  • michelle

    Hi how do I order and have it delivered to me

    • Hey Michelle please contact Tine vd Maas on her office number 081 573 5594 in Johannesburg. She’ll give you the payment details for MMS.

  • astrid

    hello i actually would like to make mms myself but i dont know where to purchase sodium chlorite. Can anyone please tell me where I can buy it? thanks a lot!

  • you haven’t replied to my message for delivery???? & banking details!!!!

  • unknownpositive

    Sir. I am from philippines. Where can i buy MMS here?pls sir i need a reply as soon as posible i wanted to be cure.

  • I don’t understand the protocol. It says not to mix MMS with Vitamin C, but lemon Juice is very much Vitamin C. Am I missing the point? Please help.

    • Bongani

      You add 5 drops of juice on a single drop of mms. If you then mix it with juice that has vitamin c then your proportion is off. I understood it like that my sister.

  • michael

    can i get mms in nigeria, i need it to treat malaria.

  • Sandra Van der Poel

    Try to get hold of you on given cell number , but no answer